NGO: Thirty more COVID-19 cases among Palestinian detainees in Israeli prison

Jan 03,2021

Israeli occupation has excluded Palestinian prisoners from the ongoing vaccination programme despite of their vulnerable conditions inside crowded Israeli prisons.

Thirty more cases of COVID-19 were recorded among Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prison of Ktzi'ot in Al-Naqab desert since Thursday, the Palestinian Prisoner's Society (PPS) has announced.

In a statement issued on Sunday morning, the PPS said that latest figures bring up the number of Palestinian prisoners who contracted coronavirus since the outbreak of the pandemic to 171.

The PPS said the Israeli prison services had moved all of the infected prisoners to section 8 in neighbouring Ramon prison, but said it has not received any information about their health conditions.

According to the PPS, there was a real danger to the lives and health conditions of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, given the lack of any real protection and distancing measures by the Israeli occupation authorities.

It called on the international human rights organisations, the World Health Organization and the United Nations to pressure the Israeli occupation in order to release all sick and elderly Palestinian prisoners.

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