Rashida Tlaib wears Palestinian thobe as she swears in to Congress for second time

Jan 04,2021

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib stressed that she would never forget Palestine.

Rashida Tlaib started sworn in to the American Congress for the second time as she was wearing traditional Palestinian thobe.

Tlaib is originally a Palestinian and Muslim woman was re-elected to the US Congress for the second time.

She had been officially sworn, and she selected one very special outfit for the swear-in ceremony: a Palestinian thobe. It is almost the same style she wore the first time, but it was a different colour.

Posting her picture wearing the thobe on her Facebook, she wrote: “My parents came from Palestine for a better life in the United States. At the age of 19 years old my Yaba (dad), with only 4th grade education, was able to land a job at Ford Motor Company. Years later he married my mother who quit school in the 8th grade to help provide for her family. Both sacrificed so much so that a dream like this became possible.

“Their eldest daughter of 14 kids will be sworn into the U.S. Congress for the second time. I am one of the first Muslim women and the first Palestinian woman, and I wanted to honor both of them by wearing a Palestinian embroidered dress.

“I will never take for granted the honor of being here, and will always stay rooted in community because the 13 District deserves nothing less than a hardworking, never back down, Congress woman.”

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