Israeli occupation razed 59 Palestinian properties, delivered 54 demolition notices last month

Jan 06,2021

At least 77 Palestinian citizens, including 27 children and seven women, have been affected by such demolitions.

Israeli occupation army has demolished 59 Palestinian houses and structures over the past month, the Human Rights and Democracy Media Center (SHAMS) reported on Wednesday.

In its report, SHAMS added that seven out of the 59 destroyed structures were knocked down by their owners after being threatened to pay hefty fines or face prison by the Israeli occupation authorities.

The Israeli occupation authorities, in addition, confiscated five Palestinian-owned structures.

The Israeli Magistrate Court issued a decision ordering Jawad Abu Nab and Salem Ghaith to evict their homes in Silwan town in occupied Jerusalem to be handed over to Israeli settlers.

During December, the Israeli occupation authorities have issued 54 demolition, confiscation, or eviction notices against Palestinian structures, mostly housing units, in addition to commercial and agricultural facilities, cattle barns, and water wells.

The demolished properties included 29 houses and residential rooms, 20 housing structures, five tents, three makeshift houses, two service facilities, five water wells, two retaining walls, 17 commercial structures, two car wash shops, 12 cattle barns, two storehouses, 11 greenhouses and other agricultural facilities, three stalls, and three garages, in addition to a health facility, a park, and a village council building.    

According to the report, Jerusalem saw the highest number of Palestinian structures demolished last month, in which 17 properties were razed, followed by Hebron, with 15 structures demolished, and Jericho and the Jordan Valley, with nine structures destroyed.  

Hebron witnessed the highest number of structures targeted with either demolition, confiscation, or eviction notices by the Israeli occupation army, with 26 structures, followed by Jenin, with 18 structures, and Nablus with five structures.  

At least 77 Palestinian citizens, including 27 children and seven women, have been affected by such demolitions over the last month, the report pointed out.

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