Israeli government 'racist,’ says US presidential candidate Sanders

Apr 23,2019

As he said this, his American audience erupted in applause and cheers.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has said US bring people together in Middle East and "not just support one country, which is now run by a right-wing, dare I say, racist government."

Sanders, who is Jewish, said Monday at a CNN town hall in New Hampshire that he believes the United States should "deal with the Middle East on a level-playing-field basis," and not express support for just one country.

He referred to the Israeli occupation state and the upcoming government, which would be formed by the right wingers.

The senator from Vermont says he is "not anti-Israel" - nor does he oppose sending military aid to - but feels Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policies don't help to advance peace.

"As a young man, I spent a number of months in Israel, worked on a Kibbutz for while, I have family in Israel, I am not anti-Israel, but the fact of the matter is that Netanyahu is a right-wing politician who I think is treating the Palestinian people extremely unfairly," Sanders said.

While he was saying this, the audience erupted in applause and cheers.

Sanders then added that he is "100 per cent pro-Israel" and that the country has "every right in the world to exist and to exist in peace and security and not be subjected to terrorists' attacks."


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