Around 300 Palestinians worshipers injured in Israel raid of Al Aqsa Mosque

May 10,2021

This is full crime being carried out by the Israeli occupation police against Palestinian worshipers.

Hundreds of Israeli occupation police raided on Monday morning the sacred yards of Al Aqsa Mosque and attacked Palestinian worshipers, wounding 278 of them, including one in serious condition.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said that the Israeli occupation prevented its paramedics from entering into Al Aqsa Mosque prior to the start of the massacre.

At the same time, activists from inside the holy site said that the Israeli occupation police shut down the field clinics inside the Mosque and evacuated the offices of the firefighters.

In the early morning, the worshipers inside the Mosque started appealing to the world through recorded videos and voice memos posted on social media, calling for help.

Many of the worshipers posted pictures and videos for the brutal Israeli attacks and violations being carried out against them.

Several videos showed the Israeli police breaking windows of the Qibli Mosque, the main prayer hall inside Al Aqsa Mosque.

The brutal Israeli attacks against the Palestinian worshipers are going on, while similar violations are being carried out against the Palestinians residents of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the heart of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

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