Israeli jets continue airstrikes on Gaza Strip, raising death toll to 22, wounded to 106

May 11,2021

The latest casualties were three people, including 57-year-old woman killed in an attack targeted eight-story residential building west of Gaza.

Israeli warplanes continued on Tuesday morning their intensive airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, which has been under strict Israeli blockade for 15 years.

Warplanes continue to attack various parts of the territory. One of the latest strikes targeted an eight-story residential building in Al Shatei Refugee Camp, west of Gaza city.

The warplanes struck the port area in the city of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

They also hit positions of Palestinian resistance groups in the western Gaza Strip.

A position of a Palestinian resistance group in northern Gaza was also struck.

The resistance groups responded with rocket fire.

Mother bidding farewell to one out of her four kids who were killed in an Israeli strikes on Monday.

A total of 22 Palestinians, including nine children, have been killed in an the Israeli bombardment in Gaza and 106 others wounded.

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