Rights group says Israel continues using lethal force against unarmed Palestinians

Apr 26,2019

Most of the Israeli actions practiced against the Palestinians amount to war crimes.

Israeli occupation forces continue using lethal force against Palestinians, including journalists, paramedics and unarmed protesters in occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

According to the weekly report issued by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), the Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded 92 civilians in Gaza, including 22 children, five women, five journalists, five paramedics.

Two of the wounded, the PHRC reported, suffered serious wounds and they are still receiving intensive medical treatment in Gaza hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded, during the past week, four civilians in the occupied West Bank village of Kafr Kaddoum, including two journalists.

Collective punishment

The PCHR said that the Israeli occupation authorities continue placing collective punishment in the occupied West Bank city of Al-Khalil, pointing out to the demolition of the house of the Palestinian martyr Omar abu-Laila.

Abu-Laila was accused by the Israeli occupation of killing to armed Israeli soldiers at an illegal checkpoint in Salfit.

In addition, the Israeli occupation demolished two apartments owned by Irfaeya family and another one owned by Abu-Laila in Al-Zawiyeh neighbourhood in Al-Khalil.

Raids and arrests

Israeli occupation forces, the PCHR said, carried out 59 raids across the occupied West Bank and three in the occupied holy city of Jerusalem.

According to the PCHR, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 52 Palestinian citizens in the occupied West Bank, including nine children and one woman.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces arrested eight Palestinians in the holy city of Jerusalem, including five children.

At the same period covered by the report, the PCHR said that the Israeli occupation forces continued opening fire at the Palestinian fishermen in Gaza and shepherds in Gaza and West Bank.

They also uprooted tens of fruitful trees in Palestinian farms and demolished and confiscated the tents in the Palestinian village of Sosa.


Israeli occupation forces continued its 13-year-old siege on the Gaza Strip, as well as dividing the occupied West Bank into cantons.

The report noted that the Israeli occupation forces maintain 92 fixed military checkpoints and 104 flying chechpoints across the occupied West Bank.

Last week, the Israeli occupation arrested one Palestinian at one of the checkpoints in the occupied West Bank and another at Erez Crossing, which connects Gaza with occupied Palestine -Israel.

The one arrested at Erez Crossing was a companion of a patients from Gaza, who accompanied his relative to the West Bank in a treatment journey.

Written by Motasem A Dalloul in Gaza

Palestine Post 24

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