Israeli occupation starts demolition of Jeursalem's Al Bustan district

Jun 29,2021

Deadline set by Israel to demolish 13 Palestinians homes in Al Bustan ended on Sunday. Another deadline set to demolish 21 shops ended on Monday.

Israeli occupation forces started early on Tuesday morning demolition of Palestinian homes in Al Bustan district of Jeursalem's neighbourhood of Silwan.

As the demolition started, Palestinians took to the streets in order to prevent the demolition of their homes and shops.

However, the Israeli occupation forces used lethal force to disperse them and keep them away from the demolition sites.

Local sources said that the Israeli occupation forces opened live and rubber ammunition at the Palestinians, as well as they threw gas canister at them.

The sources reported that several Palestinians were wounded, but gave no details about their number and conditions.

So far, the Israeli occupation force have demolished the shop of Nidal al Rajabi, who said that his shop is one out of 21 others whose demolition deadline, set by an Israeli court, ended on Monday.

Meanwhile, a deadline for the demolition of 13 homes in the same area ended on Sunday.

The house of Nidal al Rajabi, the owner of the shop, which has been demolished, is among the 13 houses facing demolition.

In 2005, Israeli occupation issued demolition orders for 100 Palestinian homes in Al Bustan. It has so far demolished 10 of them.

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