Anti-normalisation gathering launched in Gulf States

May 02,2019

Members of the coalition are angry with the governments of their countries due to building bridges with Israel at the expense of Palestinian issue.

A group of activists in the Gulf States have launched new gathering to fight increasing wave of normalisation with the Israeli occupation state.

The Gulf Coalition Against Normalisation was launched as a result of the increasing ties with Israel which have seen officials from the occupation state make official visits to Gulf countries which do not have ties with it.

After Egypt and Jordan, which have forged peace deals with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Qatar and Oman initiated official ties with the occupation state, including official meetings, participation in conferences, sports events and commercial activities.

Qatar Youth Against Normalisation, the Kuwaiti Movement for Boycotting the Zionist Entity and the Bahraini Normalisation Resistance Movement are among those that have joined the new coalition.