Israeli strikes demolish fourth residential building in Gaza

May 04,2019

Tens of families found themselves homeless after the Israeli destruction of their apartments.

Israeli occupation forces have demolished four residential buildings in Gaza Strip since the start of the ongoing offensive on Saturday morning.

The first was Iqtifan Building in the west of the Gaza City. The building hosts the office of Anadolu News Agency and offices of other agencies and charities along with residential apartments.

Al-Khazindar Building is the second one, which is located in the centre of the Gaza City. It included several clothes shops and residential apartments.

This third is Al-Husari Building and is located also in the centre of the Gaza City and it included residential apartments and a mobile phone shop.

In the city of Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip, the fourth building is located and it is owned by Abu-Zayda family. It consisted of only residential apartments.

Since the morning, tens of Palestinian buildings in Gaza were partially damaged due to nearby Israeli attacks that have killed so far five Palestinians, including an infant and a pregnant mother and wounded over 40 others.

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