Two cousins killed in fresh Israeli strike in Gaza

May 05,2019

Death toll of Israeli strikes since Saturday morning reached 12 and wounded 105.

Mohamad abu-Aramana, 30, and his cousin Mahmoud abu-Aramana, 27, were the last two Palestinians killed in Israeli strike in east of Al-Burij Refugee Camp, the middle area of Gaza Strip.

According to the ministry of health, killing these two citizens brings the death toll since Saturday morning to 12.

This came as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had ordered “massive” and “deadly” strikes in Gaza, which has been under a strict Israeli siege for more than 12 years.

“This morning, I instructed the IDF [Israel Defence Forces] to continue with their attacks on terrorists in the Gaza Strip,” he said.

“I also instructed that forces around the Gaza Strip be stepped up with tank, artillery and infantry forces,” he added.

The Israeli strikes also wounded around 105 Palestinians during the two days of Israeli offensive on the coastal enclave.

It is worthnoting that the Israeli aircrasts, artilleries and tanks as well as the gunships are pounding Gaza with more and more strikes.

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