Final toll of casualties of two-day Israeli offensive on Gaza

May 06,2019

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel is still in a state of war with Gaza, but it is preparing itself for something bigger.

Palestinian ministry of health in Gaza announced on Monday morning the final toll of casualties in the last two-day brutal Israeli offensive on Gaza Strip.

In a statement, a copy of which sent to Palestine Post 24, the ministry said that the Israeli occupation killed 27 Palestinians, including two toddler, one minor and three women.

The statement of the ministry stated that two of the women, who were killed in Israeli strikes, were pregnant.

At the same time, the ministry said that the brutal Israeli attacks wounded 154 Palestinians, including women and children.

Meanwhile, the ministry of housing said that 130 residential units were completely destroyed and 700 others partially damaged during the violent Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Palestine Post 24

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