Qatar envoy clarifies misread remarks about Palestinian faction

May 16,2019

During his visit to Gaza, Qatar committee distributed $100 in aid to 108,000 families in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Qatari Ambassador to Palestinian Territories Mohammad al-Emadi said on Thursday his remarks about Palestinian factions were misunderstood, stressing his respect for all of them.

After he was accused of claiming that the Palestinian resistance movement Islamic Jihad had ignited the latest round of Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, he stressed his remarks were misread.

He stressed that he respects all Palestinian factions and maintains relations with all of them, including members of Islamic Jihad.

Palestinian factions, he continued, are working based on a realistic evaluation of the situation on the ground for Palestinians.

Al-Emadi left the Gaza Strip on Wednesday after a two-day visit which saw Qatar distribute $100 in aid to 108,000 families in the besieged Gaza Strip.

In total, $15 million was distributed to poor families and a further $15 million was spent on fuel for the electricity company in Gaza.