Palestinian factions thank Jeremy Corbyn over support for Nakba Day

May 17,2019

The Palestinian factions called for the UK government to stop supporting Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian factions, including Hamas thanked on Thursday UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for his solidarity with the Palestinians commemorated 71st anniversary of Nakba Day.

In a written statement, Corbyn backed the demonstrations of the Nakba Day held in London on Saturday.

Nakba Day is a commemoration and protest marks the disaster of Palestinian displacement from their homes and lands by Zionist Jewish gangs during the 1940s to make place for the creation of Israel on the skulls and bones of the Palestinians.

In a joint statement, a copy of which was sent to Palestine Post 24, the Palestinian factions said that Corbyn had expressed “support and solidarity with the Palestinian people and their inalienable rights to freedom, independence and self-determination.”

The factions also praised him for condemning “the ongoing occupation and its crimes” against the Palestinian people and said his statement “reflects an advanced moral and political position worthy of all praise and thanks.”

In addition, the Palestinian factions called for the British government to take action against the Israeli occupation state and stop heling it carry out crimes against the Palestinians throughout selling arms.

“We also call on the current British government to stop supporting the Israeli occupation state and to listen to the voice of wisdom and reason and adopt policies in support for the Palestinian legitimate rights that will lead to stability in this vitally important and highly turbulent region,” the statement said.