Israel army claims finding no evidence on killing Palestinian paraplegic in Gaza

May 19,2019

Several international bodies condemned Israeli army after killing the double-amputee protester because he has never posed any kind of danger on Israeli soldiers.

Israeli occupation army closed criminal probe on Friday into the death of paraplegic Palestinian protester shot in 2017 in Gaza, claiming probe found no evidence its soldiers fired fatal bullet.

The Israeli occupation army claimed that the 29-year-old Ibrahim abu-Thurayeh was killed in a “violent riot” to which its troops responded by opening fire toward the lower body parts of “main instigators.”

It said the investigation found Palestinians threw improvised explosives, Molotov cocktails and rocks at troops on that day.

As part of its investigation, the military claimed it tried to obtain the bullet that killed abu-Thurayeh, but authorities in the Gaza Strip denied its request.

Palestinians and human rights groups reiterated that he was shot by an Israeli sniper. However, the Israeli occupation army claimed witnesses said there was no gunfire when he was killed.

The double-amputee, hailed as a symbol of heroism by Palestinians for persistently raising a Palestinian flag from his wheelchair at demonstrations, died of bleeding in his brain after a bullet fired by an Israeli sniper struck his head.

After an international outrage caused by his murder, the Israeli occupation army said it had announced opened an investigation after his death.

The disabled man was shot during protests in Gaza, which were part of wide-scale protests were organised across the occupied Palestinian territories after US President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital and said he would move the US embassy there.

Abu-Thurayeh was a well-known figure in Gaza. He lost his legs in an Israeli airstrike while trying to rescue people.