Leading Israeli newspaper: Lieberman ‘not strategist, but poker player’

May 26,2019

Lieberman was a nightclub bouncer before he moved from Russia to Israel.

Head of the Israeli Jewish Home Party Avigdor Lieberman is “not a strategist, but a poker player,” one of the leading Israeli newspapers described him on Sunday.

In his opinion article published on Ynet News, Nahum Barnea discussed the problem of the formation of coalition of the Israeli government.

Referring to Lieberman, Barnea said: “The key, and not for the first time, is in Avigdor Liberman's hands. He is no political strategist; he is more of a poker player who is currently revelling in his win-win position tremendously.”

About the reason for what he said, Barnea wrote: “If the Ultra-Orthodox parties agree to Liberman's terms to accept the controversial Haredi draft bill as proposed by the Defense Ministry, he will be credited with standing up to the religious parties, while Netanyahu will be seen as having given in to all of their demands.

“Alternatively, if the ultra-Orthodox parties stand firm and new elections are called, Liberman will be running as the champion of secular Israelis.

“Perhaps he will team up with outgoing Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who is popular among her electorate, and others on the right who wish to curb Orthodox legislation.”

Ynet News