Israel closes sea for Gaza fishermen

Jun 13,2019

Gaza has been under 12-year-old Israeli blockade.

The Israeli occupation army imposed a naval siege on the Gaza Strip which will last “until further notice,” a statement by the Israeli occupation army said on Wednesday evening.

This move comes after Israeli occupation authorities further restricted the Gaza fishing zone to six nautical miles on Tuesday. Israeli authorities had reduced the fishing zone from 15 to ten nautical miles last week.

Gaza Strip has been enduring a 12-year-old blockade and its two-million residents are suffering from their basic necessities such as water, electricity and the right to freedom of movement.

According to a PLO report, 27 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza in May alone, including a paramedic, four women and four children.

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The Israel lobby is mobilising to stop Bernie Sanders

Like what it did with the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Britain, pro-Israeli lobby is doing its best to bring down Bernie Sanders in the United States. All of this just because they support Palestinian rights!