Palestinians face sexual harassment, theft by Israeli soldiers at West Bank checkpoint

Jun 24,2019

The Israeli soldiers forced Palestinian women to strip and touched them inappropriately.

Two Israeli soldiers are accused of sexually harassing Palestinian women and stealing from Palestinians crossing through Qalandiya Checkpoint.

A military court has that their actions were motivated by racism, and ordered their remand be extended by a week.

The two suspects were serving in the Military Police Corps at Qalandia Checkpoint outside the Palestinian city of Ramallah.

They have been accused of illegally conducting searches of Palestinian women, in violation of orders.

During searches, the soldiers were accused of deliberately touching women in inappropriate places and demanding strip searches, the remand request stated.

The soldiers were also accused of stealing money and personal belongings from Palestinians at the checkpoint.

Qalandia Checkpoint is often a hotspot of tension between the Israeli occupation forces and occupied Palestinians as it is one of the main crossings into the West Bank.

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