Israel builds new barricade around Gaza Strip

Jun 25,2019

Israel is almost finishing a 10-metre deep barrier along the eastern side of Gaza.

An Israeli military engineering unit started building a new sand barricade along the eastern side of Gaza Strip on Sunday, Israeli TV channel 13 revealed Monday.

According to Quds Press, the Israeli TV said the barricade aims to protect settlers in the Israeli settlements near Gaza from Palestinian anti-tank kornet attacks.

The barricade is scheduled to be 900 metres and to run parallel to route 34 in order to hide settlers’ vehicles and homes which can be seen clearly from Gaza.

Quds Press said that the plan to build the barricade was laid down in the wake of the last escalation with Gaza after the joint operations room of Palestinian military factions announced targeting two Israeli military vehicles.

The joint room broadcast footage of the attacks, but Israel has denied they took place.

Israeli authorities also want to fortify roads to meet the settlers’ security needs and plant large trees along route 24 and other open areas.