Israel stops fuel supplies for Gaza power plant

Jun 25,2019

Palestinian Energy Authority receives on 108 megawatts from Israel and 45 megawatts from the Power Company while the need is 500 megawatts.

Israeli occupation has announced stopping fuel supplies for the sole Gaza power plant; Gaza power company stopped operation of one generator out of three.

The Palestinian Energy Authority (PEA) said that the power electricity announced the suspension of one of the electricity generators, leading to a decline of 25 megawatt of electricity out of total 70 megawatt produced by the company.

According to the Energy Electricity this would affect the timetable of electricity distribution, increasing the suffering of the Gaza residents.

Since 2006, the Power Company in Gaza has been unable to store fuel for more than 24 hours because the Israeli occupation targeted the fuel tanks and renewed targeting them in 2014.

It is worth noting that Gaza needs 500 megawatt a day. The Energy Authority receives 108 megawatts from Israel and between 42 and 45 megawatts in the Power Company.


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