Netanyahu plans new offensive on Gaza

Jun 29,2019

During the past 10 years, Israeli occupation carried out three major offensives on Gaza, killed and wounded hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

In order to get the opportunity to form an emergency government, outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is planning to carry out new offensive on Gaza.

On 29 May, Netanyahu announced his failure to form a new government and set a date for new Knesset elections on 17 September.

Fearing to reach similar results in the new elections and that would end his political life as a prime minister, Netanyahu is thinking of different distractions.

Israeli analyst Ben Caspit wrote for Al-Monitor that Netanyahu is afraid of going for a war in Gaza, but he might carry out an offensive in order to get his rival approve a request to form an emergency government so that he remains in office.

Thousands of occasions since the start of the Israeli occupation in 1948 proved that the Israeli occupation and its leaders do not respect the life of the Palestinians.

“Therefore, Netanyahu does not care about how many Palestinians he is killing in order to bolster his seat as a prime minister,” Israeli analyst said.


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