Israel killed 84 Palestinians since start of 2019

Jul 01,2019

Two pregnant women in Gaza were among the martyrs.

Israeli occupation forces killed 84 Palestinians during the first half of 2019, including eight women and 19 children, Assembly for Martyrs Families said on Sunday.

According to the Assembly, 59 martyrs were killed in Gaza and 25 were killed in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Those targeted included two unborn children; Abdullah abu-Arar and Ayman al-Madhoun, who were killed in Gaza on 4 and 5 May.

Occupation forces are also withholding the bodies of 12 Palestinians, raising to 266 the number of bodies which Israel has refused to return to their families for burial since start of the Israeli occupation.

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Israeli warplanes strike Gaza Strip

Israeli warplanes attacked on Sunday night several areas across the occupied besieged Gaza Strip causing sever material damage in property.