Israeli forces kidnap 7 Palestinian students in West Bank

Jul 02,2019

Early this year, Israeli undercover forces kidnapped three students from the same university.

Israeli forces kidnapped seven Palestinian students at Birzeit University on Tuesday morning, including the former head of the student council, Usama Fakhouri.

Witnesses said that the Israeli occupation forces raided the students’ homes near the university in the occupied West Bank in Al-Jalazone Refugee Camp and the villages of Beitunia and Jifna, not far from Ramallah.

Earlier this year, Israeli undercover forces broke into the university and kidnapped three students.

Last year, an Israeli commando group posing as journalists assaulted and abducted then-student council leader Omar Kiswani.

Such kidnappings are being carried out before the eyes of the Palestinian Authority which should protect the Palestinians from the Israeli occupation.

Palestine Post 24