Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine calls on City Council to recognise Palestine

Jul 07,2019

‘The time for recognition is long overdue,’ Labour Friends of Palestine said.

The Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine called on Friday for Sheffield City Council to recognise State of Palestine as a sovereign country, in line with international resolutions.

The call follows a petition by Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine which gathered with nearly 20,000 signatures.

Campaigners protested outside the Town Hall ahead of a full council meeting, where the petition was presented.

Julie Pearn, of Labour Friends of Palestine, said: “The time for recognition is long overdue. The state of Palestine is already recognised by 138 other nations.

“We believe public recognition of the Palestine state by the council would be a powerful and influential statement of solidarity which we hope other councils will envy.”

Councillor Olivia Blake, deputy leader, said a motion would now be put forward for the council to make a decision.

She said: “We must give recognition of the right for all communities to have their own sovereign states.

“Sheffield is just one city but we can make this symbolic gesture and hope to put pressure on government to do likewise.”

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