Israeli arrested 70 Palestinian women since start of this year

Jul 07,2019

The 71-year-old Fawziyyah Mara’beh was among the women arrested during this period.

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Israeli occupation has arrested 70 Palestinian women since the start of 2019, Palestine Prisoners’ Centre revealed on Saturday.

Spokesperson of the centre Ryad Ashqar said in a press conference that the occupation is targeting Palestinian women and young girls, arresting them and sentencing them to long terms in prison.

According to Al-Ashqar, old, patient, mother and pregnant women were among those violently sent to prison.

One of the female prisoners is Alia Khatib, who was directly shot in her leg then arrested without providing any medical care.

Walaa Akram, 16, was also arrested near Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in the West Bank of Al-Khalil. Fawziyyah Mara’beh, 71, was arrested despite being sick.

Lawyers Amal al-Jammal and Suhair Barghouthi were arrested to put pressure on their imprisoned husbands to give forced confessions.

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