Israeli occupation evicts Palestinian family from Jerusalem home

Jul 10,2019

Israeli settler group confiscated money raised to help Siyam family fight their evacuation order.

Palestinian family who has been battling against shadowy Israeli settler group for 25 years was forced Wednesday morning to evict their house in Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan.

Dozens of heavily-armed Israeli occupation police stormed the house of Siyam family in Silwan and removed all furniture and electrical appliances to make room for settlers.

Silwan-based watchdog Wadi al-Hilweh Information Centre posted a videoshowing police officers using ladders to storm Siyam house and scuffling with family members to force them out of the house.

The centre confirmed that Siyam family refused to comply with the eviction order and at least a family member was detained.

It is worth noting that the eviction came twenty days after an Israeli court dismissed Siyam family’s appeal to remain in their house and ruled in favour of Elad shadowy settler group.

Elad group seeks to forcefully displace Palestinians from Jerusalem in line with the policy championed by successive Israeli governments to Judaise the holy city.

This also came few days after Elad group confiscated money raised to help Siyam family fight their evacuation order.

Siyam’s building was seized by the Israeli state under Israel’s Absentee Property Law, which declares properties belonging to Palestinians who were displaced, often by war or poverty, as “absentee” and therefore it becomes a state property.

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