Israeli sniper shot Palestinian security officer in Gaza

Jul 11,2019

Al-Adham, 28, married to Noura al-Adham and father of three kids aged between two to six years old.

An Israeli occupation sniper shot dead on Thursday morning Palestinian security officer near the eastern side of the northern Gaza city of Beit Lahiya.

The Palestinian ministry of health in Gaza identified the officer as Mahmoud al-Adham, 28, married to Noura al-Adham and father of three kids aged between two to six years old.

In a statement, the Palestinian interior ministry said that Al-Adham was carrying his duty when he was shot by the Israeli sniper.

Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas military wing, pledged that shooting Al-Adham “will not go unpunished because the Israeli occupation sniper shot him from a close range and he could identify Al-Adham was a security officer.”

Hamas warned that “if the Israeli violations did not stop, it would suspend the truce agreement and stop the Israeli crimes.”

Throughout the past year and a half, the Israeli occupation has carried out several offensives on Gaza, with Israel launching airstrikes, tank shelling and artillery bombing that killed tens of Palestinians, sparking retaliatory rocket fire by the Palestinian resistance towards Israel.

Later on Thursday, the Israeli occupation military claimed a misunderstanding led its troops to kill a member of Hamas “as he was trying to prevent Palestinian youths from breaching the security fence earlier in the day.”

The highly irregular acknowledgment of such a mistake appeared to be an effort by the Israeli occupation to calm tensions with Hamas and prevent another round of violence.

“This morning, IDF soldiers spotted a number of Palestinians in the area of the security fence in the northern Strip. An initial investigation determined that it was a member of Hamas’s restraint force who had come to the area because of two Palestinians who were moving toward [the fence],” the army said in a statement.

The Israeli soldiers opened fire at the Hamas field commander, Mahmoud al-Adham, 28, fatally wounding him. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

“The IDF troops who arrived in the area had identified the restraint operative as an armed terrorist and opened fire due to a misunderstanding. The incident will be investigated,” the army said.

Israeli army statement was released shortly after the various resistance groups in the Gaza Strip convened their joint operations committee to discuss a possible retaliation to the incident, according to Palestinian media reports.

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