Israel arrests 23 Palestinians in West Bank, including woman

Jul 24,2019

Alaa Bashir, a female prisoner was released from the Palestinian Authority prisons after 73 days under investigation, is among them.

Israeli occupation forces arrested on Tuesday at night 23 Palestinian citizens across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, security sources reported.

According to the sources, seven of the Palestinians were arrested from the occupied holy city of Jerusalem.

The 15 others were arrested from the villages and towns across the occupied West Bank.

Israeli occupation forces carry out such arrest campaigns in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem every night.

Hamas slammed the Palestinian Authority (PA) for releasing the female Palestinian prisoner from its prisoner after 73 days of investigations to be arrested by the Israeli occupation forces.

Rights groups say that there are more than 5,500 Palestinians in Israeli prisons, including 250 children, 57 women and girls, about 400 under administrative detention and 400 others suffer different diseases, including cancer.

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