Israel summons 4-year-old Palestinian boy for interrogation

Jul 30,2019

The boy might have joined a terror cell before he was born four years ago.

Israel police has summoned four-year-old Palestinian boy from East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Al-Issawiya for interrogation.

Muhammad Rabee Elayyan was summoned by dozens of Israeli police officers from his home in Al-Issawiya – a Palestinian neighbourhood squashed between Jerusalem’s Hebrew University and the Separation Wall.

The little boy was taken to a police station on Salah Eddin Street, not far from the Old City’s Damascus Gate.

Following the summon, Elayyan had to be taken to the station by his father, Rabee, again on Tuesday morning.

Wadi Hilweh Information Centre posted a video on Facebook showing Muhammad crying as he was being carried into the police station.

Scores of Palestinians from Al-Issawiya can also be seen surrounding the father and son, telling the young boy not to be scared.

The Israeli police claim that Muhammad was throwing stones at police vehicles, prompting them to summon him for interrogation.

However, the boy’s father Rabee has disputed these accusations, saying that his son was playing in the street with other children who ran away from Israeli troops stationed in their neighbourhood after shooting bullets in the air.