Israeli occupation turns Palestinian lady to administrative detention

Jul 31,2019

Harsh treatment led to severe pain and suffering from severe damage in her kidneys.


Israeli Prison Service sent on Tuesday female Palestinian youth Shoroq al-Badan, 23, to administrative detention for six months with neither charge nor trial.

Al-Badan, from the village of Taqu, near the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem, was subject to harsh treatment by the Israeli occupation jailers.

The Prisoners’ Committee said that the occupation authorities arrested Al-Badan on 15 July during a night raid on her house.

She was taken to the Etzion Interrogation Centre and then to HaSharon Prison for five day; she is now in Al-Damoun Prison.

Whilst in HaSharon, Al-Badan was held in a very small room which was extremely hot due to the prevailing high temperature.

This led to her suffering from acute pain in her kidneys, presumably as a result of severe dehydration.

The Committee said that there are currently around 500 Palestinian prisoners being held under administrative detention orders inside Israeli jails, including nine who are on hunger strike in protest against their detention.

Administrative detention orders can be renewed indefinitely.

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