Israeli forces kill four Palestinians in Gaza

Aug 11,2019

During the killing, Israeli drones targeted two bases of the Palestinian security services.

Israeli occupation troops from Golani Brigade killed early on Saturday four Palestinian youths east of southern Gaza city of Khan Younis.

Three of the youths were member of Hamas-run restraint force, which is responsible for preventing infiltration of the eastern fence between Gaza and Israel.

During the incident, the Israeli military drones targeted two posts for the restraint forces.

Ynet News reported that there were no casualties among the Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli news website reported sources in the Gaza Strip saying that three of the Palestinian youths, who were killed by the Israeli forces, were members of restraint forces.

According to the source, which was reported by Ynet News, the three armed youth were chasing a Salafist youth who was carrying explosives and was trying to reach the fence.

The source said that the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at the Palestinians and killed all of them.

The same sources named the three youth to the Israeli news website as Abdullah Hamaida, aged 21; Abdullah al-Ghemri, aged 19, and Ahmed Adini, aged 20.

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