Israeli forces injured 66 protesters in Gaza, including 20 children, 3 women

Aug 17,2019

Since the start of the protests in March 2018, Israeli forces wounded 13,463, including 196 sustained life-long disabilities.

Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded on Friday 66 peaceful Palestinian protesters, including 20 children, three women along the eastern fence of the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza said that 29 of the wounded were shot with live ammunition and said that two of them sustained serious injuries.

According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, the Palestinian protesters were targeted by the Israeli fire while taking part in the 70th Friday of the Great March or Return and Breaking the Siege.

Since the start of the protests of the Great March of Return on 30 March 2018, the Centre has documented the murder of 208 protesters, including 44 children, nine handicapped, four paramedics and two journalists.

The Centre also has registered 13,463 wounded, including 2,797 children, 415 women, 222 paramedics and 210 journalists.

Among the wounded, the Centre said, 196 sustained life-long disabilities, including 28 children and five women.

Palestine Post 24

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