Israel soldiers who fled instead of opening fire at Palestinians suspended

Aug 21,2019

The Israeli soldiers, from the elite units, armed with the most modern weapons, were afraid to respond to gunfire by a single Palestinian with AK-47.

Four Israel soldiers have been suspended for failing to open fire at Palestinians at the Gaza fence on 1 August, Ynet News reported on Monday.

According to the Israeli news website, an investigation carried by the Israeli army into the incident found that “armed” Palestinians had been observed by Israeli forces about 250 metres from the fence and a Golani Brigade, headed by a squad commander, was dispatched.

Quds Press reported other Israeli media saying that the investigation found that the Israeli soldiers committed a number of violations after leaving the scene having sustained light wounds, leaving a number of their comrades alone and under fire.

The commander of the Golani Brigade suspended the squad leader and two soldiers from duty because they did not act as expected during an operation.

The driver of the military vehicle, who, according to Quds Press drove the three soldiers away, was also suspended.

The Palestinian, who engaged in the gunfire, was killed after a two-hour manhunt carried out by another Golani unit.

Israeli Media