Netanyahu says Jews will remain in Al-Khalil ‘forever’

Sep 04,2019

Israeli President and several ministers also desecrated the Palestinian city, too.

During his desecration of Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in West Bank city of Al-Khalil on Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Jews will remain in the city “forever.”

“We have come here to unite in memory, to express victory over the bloodthirsty rioters who committed the horrific massacre 90 years ago today,” Netanyahu said, referring to casualties among Jews during anti-Zionist immigration in 1920s.

Palestinians protested against the Zionist immigration to Palestine facilitated by the British Occupation or what was called British Mandate.

The protests spread across many Palestinian cities, including Nablus and Jerusalem.

Reports said that 67 Jews in Al-Khalil (Hebron) were killed and more than 100 Palestinians were also killed mainly by the British forces.

Up to 800 Israeli Jewish settlers are currently living in more than 20 per cent of Al-Khalil’s area which is a home for more than 200,000 Palestinians.

Palestinian Jews, who lived in Al-Khalil peacefully along with Muslims, have issued a statement condemning the immigration of the Zionist Jews.

“They [the Palestinian protesters] were sure that they kicked us for good, but they made a serious mistake,” Netanyahu said.

He continued: “We have accomplished historical justice, and returned to the city of the patriarchs. Hebron will never be empty of Jews.

“We are not strangers in Hebron, we will remain here forever. We have not come to dispossess anyone, but nobody will dispossess us either.”

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