Israel minister vows next Gaza offensive to include extrajudicial executions

Sep 09,2019

Israel has recently carried out several major offensives in Gaza and killed more than 4,000 civilians under a policy said call ‘targeted killing.’

Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz has vowed that a supposedly imminent offensive on the occupied Gaza Strip will see the extrajudicial executions of Palestinians.

Speaking in an interview with Reshet Bet on Sunday, Katz claimed that an assault on the Gaza Strip is inching closer.

“It brings us very close to a comprehensive Israeli campaign against the terrorist organisations in Gaza,” Katz said, “a campaign that will take place at the times and conditions we will decide on.”

The Israeli foreign minister added: “In this campaign, it is clear that the top leaders of the terrorist organisations will be wiped out and its force destroyed.”

The Israeli military has historically used large-scale offensives against the Gaza Strip to conduct extrajudicial executions of Palestinian suspects, described by Israeli officials as “targeted killings.”

Arutz Sheva