Israeli police execute Palestinian lady in West Bank

Sep 18,2019

The woman was shot at a point-blank range without posing any threat on the Israeli police.

Israeli occupation police executed on Wednesday morning 51-year-old Palestinian lady at Qalandia Checkpoint, north of occupied city of Jerusalem.

An eyewitness told Palestine Post 24, that an Israeli policeman opened fire at the lady at a point-blank range without being in danger.

The eyewitness said that the lady got confused and took the wrong lane and she could not understand the calls of the Israeli policemen who shouted at her in Hebrew.

Palestinian health ministry confirmed later that the 51-year-old woman, who remained unidentified, was wounded and then succumbed to her wounds.

According to the eyewitness, the woman was shot and remained bleeding for a long time without allowing any Israeli or Palestinian ambulances to help her.

When it is too late, she was allowed to be taken to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus, where she was pronounced dead.

Palestine Post 24

Israel damages 100,000 coronavirus swabs

Israeli occupation damaged 100,000 swabs for coronavirus after preventing the passage of clinical materials from Jordan to the West Bank, Palestinian Health Minister Mai Keela said on Wednesday.