Israel occupation kills one, injures 95 others during Gaza protests

Sep 28,2019

Rights groups say that Israeli occupation forces use lethal force during the peaceful protests.

Israeli occupation killed peaceful Palestinian protester, wounded 95 others, including five in serious conditions during weekly protests taking place on Fridays in Gaza Strip.

Sahir Ivadullah Osman, 20, was shot dead by the Israeli occupation forces in the city of Rafah during protests against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

According to the minsitry of health, the martyr was identified as Saher Othman, 20.

The ministry said 95 demonstrators were injured in the marches, including 30 children, nine paramedics and a journalist.

Since the Gaza rallies began in March last year, nearly 310 protesters have been martyred and thousands more wounded by Israeli forces at the security fence with Gaza.

Demonstrators demand an end to Israel’s 13-year-old blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has shattered the coastal enclave’s economy and deprived its 2 million inhabitants of free movement in and out of Gaza and many basic amenities.

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