Florida county spreads lies about BDS

Oct 01,2019

Broward County Commission approves measure against BDS based on lies and false propaganda.

A county commission in southeastern Florida unanimously passed a resolution opposing BDS, claiming it “seeks to delegitimise and destroy Israel.”

The Broward County Commission passed the resolution at a meeting on September 24.

BDS is an abbreviation of the phrase Boycott, Divest and Sanctions Israeli apartheid and occupation state, which was created in the land of Palestine after its indigenous Palestinian inhabitants were either massacred or displaced in 1948 by Zionist gangs.

The commission said that it “opposes the BDS movement targeting Israel, including all efforts to delegitimise the state of Israel and efforts to target United States companies that are engaged in legal commercial activities.”

According to its charger, the BDS adopts only peaceful means of resistance targeting only the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967.

The Florida state legislature in 2016 passed an anti-BDS bill that prevents Florida state institutions from investing in or contracting with companies that boycott companies or products made in Israel.

In April, the state legislature passed a bill that amends the state’s discrimination laws to equate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis led a trade mission to Israel in late May and convened a state Cabinet meeting at the Israeli Knesset.

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