US Senate proposes draft law against PA, PLO

Oct 07,2019

The draft bill would put so many international restrictions on the PA and PLO.

US Congress is discussing a draft bill that holds Palestinian Authority (PA) and PLO accountable for killing and injuring Israeli Jewish settlers who hold American passports.

The bill was introduced by the Republican Senators James Lankford, Tammy Duckworth and Democrat Chuck Grassley, under the title “Justice for Victims of Terrorism”.

In press release, one of the Senates said that the bill would force the PLO to withdraw from all the international bodies which it has recently joined.

Meanwhile, it would force the PA and PLO to accept responsibility for the killing of illegal Israeli settlers, who hold US passports and compensate their families.

It would also give the US federal court jurisdiction over the PA and PLO for claims by Israelis with American passports injured or killed in the occupied territories or Israel.