Israeli Mossad recognises assassination of Palestinians abroad

Oct 12,2019

Mossad has recently assassinated Palestinian scientists and students Malaysia, Tunisia and Algeria.

Chief of Israeli Mossad Yossi Cohen acknowledged on Thursday the assassination of Palestinians abroad, Mishpacha, an ultra-Orthodox Israeli newspaper reported.

In an interview with Mishpacha, Cohen stated “there are more than a few assassinations, but the enemy [Palestinians] have changed tactics.”

The senior Israeli intelligence official noted that the Palestinians “are not quick to attribute assassination to us, for their own reasons.”

“However,” he added, “if there is one target that we eliminate without hesitation, it is Hamas officials abroad, from local agents to those who manage acquisitions of weapons pointed towards Israel.”

The Israeli official claimed that assassinations in such cases are not vengeful acts, but simply the removal of threats.

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Israeli warplanes, artillery bomb Gaza Strip

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