New Tunisia president: We will support just cause of Palestine

Oct 15,2019

‘We love you, dear brothers in Palestine, and we will never forget you,’ the new president said.

Tunisia’s new President Kaies Saied said on Sunday that he “will work within the framework of the constitution and support the just causes, including that of Palestine.”

“The Tunisian people gave a lesson to the world, offering a new definition to the revolution. We are trying to build our new Tunisia based on trust and responsibility,” Saied told his supporters after initial results of presidential elections were announced on Sunday.

“Thank you, the great people of Tunisia. Thank you, the free men and the free women of Tunisia from the bottom of the heart,” he said.

“Thank you to the great people of Tunisia because you are opening a new page in history, for a revolution with a new meaning, a revolution within the framework of the constitution,” he added.

“Our relations with others at home will be built upon trust and responsibility. The confidence between the rulers and the people must be restored and strengthened.”