Episcopal Church in America boycotts pro-Israeli companies

Oct 26,2019

This decision is a victory for the BDS movement.

Executive Council of Episcopal Church in America has decided to withdraw its investments in international, Israeli firms for benefiting from Israeli occupation, agencies reported on Friday.

The decision to include Motorola Solutions, Caterpillar and the Israel Discount Bank, which invest in the illegal Israeli Jewish settlements the occupied Palestinian territories.

In a statement, the Episcopal Church said that its ban would prohibit investments in “any corporation that supports or benefits from the denial of human rights in or through the occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem or the Gaza Strip.”

The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church also directed the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee “to pursue continued engagement with Facebook, Booking.com and TripAdvisor, urging them to address human rights violations.”

According to a statement by the church, it is “seeking to ensure that the companies take all necessary steps to end their complicity in the occupation.”

The Episcopal Church has set up a human rights investment screen for investments relating to Israel and Palestine.