Israeli police raid school in Jerusalem, detain student, fire teargas

Nov 02,2019

Tens of students, who suffocated of the Israeli teargas, needed medical treatment at the site.

Israeli occupation police raided on Saturday morning Issawiyeh Secondary School for Boys in occupied Jerusalem, detained student and fired teargas canisters into school when they left it.

Sources said that the Israeli police raided the school while the students were arriving in their classes as usual and detained a student identified as Saleh Tawil without giving any reason for this action.

Upon leaving the school, the police threw teargas canisters into the school premises causing several suffocation cases among the students and teachers.

Tens of the students required medical treatment at the site, said the sources.

Israeli police have been targeting Issawiyeh neighborhood for a while, raiding and detaining residents at all hours of the day and night.

They attack students and people and block roads into and out of the neighborhood located in the heart of the occupied Jerusalem.

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