Israeli police officer shoots unarmed Palestinian in the back

Nov 06,2019

The policewoman sent SMS to her friends bragging about shooting the Palestinian.

An Israeli policewoman has shot unarmed Palestinian youth in the back with just “for fun,” a video of the incident went spiral on the internet over the weekend showed.

In the clip, Israeli border police officers at an illegal Israeli checkpoint are seen shouting at the young man to “get out of here!” in Arabic.

After the Palestinian turns around and walks away with his hands above his head, the police continue to shout contradicting instructions at him before one of them shoots him in the back.

The unknown man is seen screaming in agony as he slumps to the floor. The Israeli occupation police officers were filmed walking away laughing after shooting the young man.

Justifying the violent and aggressive action, the Israeli police institution told Israel’s Channel 13 that the man was not seriously hurt.

However, the shocking footage has proved that Israeli occupation forces use excessive or unnecessary force against them.

Israeli police said they removed the female policewoman from the force after learning of the incident, while other police involved in the incident were re-assigned.

The news report also showed what it said were text messages between a different police officer suspected in the case bragging about shooting the Palestinian to his girlfriend.

Israeli media said the incident took place in May 2018 at Al-Zaim Checkpoint outside of Jerusalem.

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