Death toll in Gaza rises to seven since the morning, wounded to 45

Nov 12,2019

The ongoing round of tension started by the Israeli assassination of senior Palestinian leaders while staying with his wife and children at home.

Palestinian ministry of health in Gaza said that the death toll of the Israeli strikes in Gaza has risen to seven and the wounded to 45 since the morning.

The minsitry named all the seven people killed as Baha Salim Abul-Ata, 42, his wife Asmaa Mohammed Abul-Ata, 39, Mohammed Atia Musleh Hamoda, 20, Zaki Mohammed  Adnan Ghanama, 25, Ibrahim Ahmed Abdul Latif Al Dabous, 26, Abdullah Awad al-Bolbeesi, 26, and Abdul Salam Ramadan Ahmed, 28.

The minsitry also said that the number of wounded became 45, stating that some of them suffered serious injuroes.

According to the ministry, Abul-Ata and his wife were killed in an Israeli airstrike which targeted their apartment located in a residential building in the east of Gaza City.

In addition, the ministry said that four of their children and a neighbour were wounded and sustained light to moderate injuries.

The ministry of health also said that 25 Palestinian citizens had been wounded, noting that some of them sustained serious and moderate injuries.


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