Names of Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes in Gaza

Nov 13,2019

Ten were killed and 45 others were wounded during the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

Israel has launched tens of airstrikes in Gaza Strip following assassination of Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abul-Ata and his wife, Asmaa, on Tuesday at dawn.

By 11pm local time (21.00 GMT), the Palestinian health ministry had released the names of eight other Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza:

1. Mohammed Atia Musleh Hamoda, 20 years old,

2. Zaki Mohammed Adnan Ghanama, 25 years old,

3. Ibrahim Ahmed Abdul Latif al-Dabous, 26 years old,

4. Abdullah Awad Saqib al-Balbisi, 26 years old,

5. Abdul Salam Ramadan Ahmed Ahmed, 28 years old,

6. Wael Abdul-Aziz Abdel-Nabi, 43, years old,

7. Rani Fayez Rajab Abulnasr, 35 years old;

8. Jehad Ayman Ahmed Abu Khater, 22 years old.

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Israeli warplanes, artillery bomb Gaza Strip

Israeli war planes and artilleries fired around ten rockets and projectiles at several areas across the occupied and besieged Gaza Strip, including security watchtower.