Tense calm in Gaza after full day of Israeli airstrikes

Nov 13,2019

No Israeli strikes since midnight. This came after full day of attacks that killed 10 Palestinians and wounded 45 others, including several sustained critical wounds.

A tense calm prevailed in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning after a day of Israeli airstrikes and tank shelling that killed 10 Palestinians and wounded 45 others.

The last two Israeli strikes killed three Palestinians in the north of Gaza Strip and completely demolished a residential house in the southern city of Khan Younis.

Israeli drones have been roaring in the skies of the Gaza Strip and schools, universities and businesses are still closed.

No rockets were fired into the illegal Israeli settlements despite the fact that the Israeli army published videos of more tanks brought near Gaza and announced calling up more reserve soldiers.

On Tuesday at dawn, Israel broke the truce with the Palestinian resistance in Gaza as the Israeli fighters targeted the house of the senior Islamic Jihad commander Bahaa abul-Ata, 42, killing him and his wife, as well as wounding three of his children.

The Palestinians started firing rockets towards the illegal Israeli settlements in retaliation for the assassination of Abul-Ata.

However, the Israeli government pledged more strikes and bombardment against Gaza and the Palestinian resistance pledged more rockets, but there has been twitchy calm through Gaza.

By the fall of the night, leaks about an Egyptian-UN mediation to sponsor a new ceasefire emerged with Cairo saying that it had been seeking to get the US and EU involved in the mediation efforts.


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