Netanyahu warns to expand military offensive on Gaza

Nov 13,2019

Ongoing mediation efforts aiming to reach a ceasefire have not made breakthroughs yet.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Wednesday that Israel would expand the military offensive on Gaza as 24 Palestinians have been killed and 69 others wounded.

The Israeli occupation launched deadly strikes against commander of the Islamic Jihad early on Tuesday, triggering a wave of tit-for-tat rocket salvoes and air strikes.

Since then, the Israeli military has been carrying out deadly strikes in Gaza which resulted in the death of 24 Palestinians, including a father on his two little children.

Abu Musaab al-Breem, spokesman of Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, said: “What’s going on is retaliation for the assassination of Abul Atta [the eIslamic Jihad commander] and is coordinated by all Palestinian factions.”

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who ordered the assassination, on Tuesday accused Abul Atta of masterminding recent attacks against Israel and planning more in the near future.

Netanyahu said on Wednesday that Islamic Jihad must stop rocket attacks or "absorb more and more blows".

"They have one choice: to stop these attacks or absorb more and more blows. Their choice," Netanyahu said at the start of a cabinet meeting, adding that Israel was not seeking a further escalation.


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Israel damages 100,000 coronavirus swabs

Israeli occupation damaged 100,000 swabs for coronavirus after preventing the passage of clinical materials from Jordan to the West Bank, Palestinian Health Minister Mai Keela said on Wednesday.