Motasem A Dalloul

Watch and cry; daughter screams: ‘I want to go with my dad’

Nov 13,2019

Abul-Ata and his wife were killed in a predawn attack carried out by an Israeli fighter. Three of their daughters and a neighbour were wounded in the attack.

During the farewell of her father, who was killed by Israel, Layan Bahaa abul-Ata, 9 years old, screamed: “I want to go with my dad.”

Layan told Palestine Post 24 that her father promised to celebrate her birth day “tomorrow”, but “I got up to find him dead.”

Her birthday is on 12 November and her father told her that he had prepared a surprise for her and wanted to celebrate Layan’s birthday in the morning.

“Suddenly, sound of a huge explosion woke me up,” she said. “I threw myself from my bed and ran towards my parents’ room. I saw nothing because of the heavy smoke. I found the room had collapsed over the bodies of my parents.”

The Israeli occupation killed Abul-Ata in a predawn aerial attack on his house on !2 November. In the attack, he was killed, his wife and three of their children were wounded.

“It was shocking,” Layan said. “I expected this moment, but I did not think it would be very soon,” she added, noting that she knew her father was wanted for Israel over his resistance activities against the Israeli occupation.


Palestine Post 24