Sources: Islamic Jihad and Israel accepted Egyptian ceasefire proposal

Nov 14,2019

The ceasefire was announced after Israel had killed 32 Palestinians, including two families and wounded 100 others.

Sources revealed to Palestine Post 24 on Thursday at dawn that the Islamic Jihad and Israeli occupation had accepted Egyptian ceasefire proposal.

According to the sources, the Islamic Jihad set conditions to accept the ceasefire and Israel agreed on these conditions.

Spokesman of the Islamic Jihad Mus’ab al-Breem said: “The occupation surrendered to the conditions of the resistance.”

The sources said that the ceasefire proposed by Egypt would see the Palestinian resistance groups immediately stop all firing rockets.

Meanwhile, the proposal stated that Israeli occupation immediately stop its attacks on Gaza, assassinations and would cease to use live ammunitions against the weekly Gaza protests of the Great Return March and Breaking the Siege.

Al-Breem said that the ceasefire starts on 14 November at 5:30am.

On the ground, there is a tense calm prevailing across the Gaza Strip, but the sounds of the Israeli military drones are still buzzing over heads.


Palestine Post 24